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Teaching Staff

Taking as a reference the academic year (15-16), EUPLA has a total of 50 teaching staff, all of them staff members of the Escuela Universitaria. The teaching staff for each subject can be consulted through the EUPLA web Directory.

The teaching staff belong to the different departments of the University of Zaragoza.

The quality of the teaching staff is accredited through the experience of the staff as all of them hold the venia docendi granted by the Rector of the University of Zaragoza and the Department assignation. Furthermore, the teaching staff assessment survey results completed each year by the students, show that in the last year assessed (14-15), where 96% of the staff were assessed, the average for the staff was 4.13 out of 5. 98% of the staff received a positive-very positive result.

Taking into account the total number of students registered and the teaching staff, it can be seen that the student-teacher ratio is 10.36. This is considered adequate for the different learning activities proposed.

Therefore, in summary, the school has a large number of permanent, stable, dedicated and qualified teaching staff. This is endorsed by the fact that all degree teaching staff have venia docendi approved by the attached Departments and endorsed by the Rector of the University of Zaragoza.

Administative Staff

For the tutelage of company internships, the School has two tutors in charge of the learning period the students spend in the company, as well as a tutor in the company itself. These tutors, are in charge of supervising the work of the students and advise them on how to carry out various aspects of the internship programme, as well as maintaining fluid communications between both institutions.

In the school office there are six members of staff. There is also a management Secretary.

There are 3 members of staff in the two caretaker’s offices and 3 cleaning staff.

Academic Autorities

School Director and Team:

  • Director: Martín Orna Carmona
  • Deputy Director for Students: Rosa Vicente
  • Deputy Director for Research: David Asiaín
  • Deputy Director for Academic Affairs: Juan Villarroya
  • Deputy Director for Infrastructure: Juan Diego Jaría
  • Registrar: César Asensio

Faculty Board:

  • Representative body for Academic affairs: teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students are represented in it.

Degree Coordinators:

  • B. Eng in Mechatronics: Javier Esteban
  • B. Eng in Industrial Management: Mónica Remacha
  • B Eng in Civil Engineering: Mario Calvo
  • B Eng in Construction: Rafael Ade

Quality Assessment Comittees